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>> 18.6.10


I love winter breaks the best. I love the cold. I love sleeping in. I love the warmth from hot water bottles, heaters and blankets. I love snuggling up in front of the TV. I love everything!

Our group - Querks Creative in our matching orange shirts and badges!! Cheesy.

This semester has been interesting to say the least. Advertising, I gave you my all! Our group did amazingly well for our campaign. We made it into top 3 and pitched to the real clients. I have never worked so hard on a project in my entire life and it just felt so damn good to have your work be appreciated and praised for. All that effort paid off. See: group arguments, late nights at uni, lack of sleep, trudging to meetings most nights after work.

On the night we did the pitch to battle for the title of the top agency, I was a mess. We were all high on our energy drinks and fighting nerves all day. At the pitch, I was shaking - literally.

It was embarrassing to walk into a room of Orange Power and Planet Ark management. All the other teams were dressed in, you know, the NORMAL and ACCEPTED corporate gear in blacks, whites and shades of grey. People wore suits and collared shirts. But then of course, there was us, in our fluoro-orange get up. We were the hillbillies, who had just rocked up to town and decided to crash this very important business meeting.

My role as the Creative Director:

So despite the fact that I'm on holidays now, I still have so much to do. I'm still working towards deadlines and under stress. What's wrong with me?

And there is a high possibility that I may have failed my subjects this semester. I somewhat just crumbled after devoting everything to the advertising subject. I neglected my remaining three subjects (besides maybe Photography) and after advertising was over, it was like, 'HANG ON A MINUTE, I STILL HAVE WORK TO DO? WHAT IS THIS 'UNI WORK' YOU SPEAK OF?' Normally (and I'm thinking in 1st and 2nd year), I would have just sucked it all up and pulled all-nighters to finish things on time. I would have done what it would take - coffee, Berocca, energy drinks, libraries, power naps.

Yet I just didn't do it this time around...Instead, I went to sleep. And boy, I made sure I got my dose of 8 hours sleep. ON THE DAY THE FREAKING ASSIGNMENTS WERE DUE. Quite possibly, I think I suffered from some sort of minor stress breakdown/mental system failing to comprehend how I was screwing up my life. Epic.

But hey, it's over now. No time to waste and dwell on what's already done, right?


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