As promised

>> 14.7.10

Did a quick interview with a local TV station today! They wanted to interview the international trainees and in particular, our contribution to the AIESEC Global Village this month. Global Village = fare where there are stands for different countries and you present your country. People walk around and observe.

Work = frustration. Won't go into details yet.

Romanian men: Remember how I said they were persistent? Last Saturday, this guy kept coming around and asking me to dance. I said 'no' a few times, so he moved on to my gorgeous blonde friend. She accepted out of sheer boredom. The night ended with him abashedly handing a piece of paper with his email address scrawled on it to one of our Romanian friends - "Can you please pass this on to the blonde girl for me?" "Why don't you do it yourself?" "Because I can't speak English" "Then how the heck are you going to communicate with her through email?!" "I will find a way. I want to marry her. I will learn Polish or English for her!". HAHA

Went food shopping today. Also had the most amazing sandwich ever. Got to pack after dinner tonight. Tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving early to head for a 5 day conference in Bran with AIESEC. Wee! DRACULA'S CASTLE HERE I COME!

My thinking face haha


emmy 7/17/10, 2:58 AM  

These are really beautiful pictures kimb!

wendles 7/18/10, 5:07 PM  

It looks amazingly gorgeous there kimberly! Like OMG! I miss you, will skype with you soon xx

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