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>> 4.7.10

The city is beautiful. I flew 30 hours, including the 2 stop-overs, then I caught two buses that took an hour, then finally a four hour train ride. I was f-ing exhausted and was on the verge of tears. I felt obscenely out of place and uncomfortable. I had had difficulty reaching Galati, Romania (where I am now) and I was thirsty and hungry on the train ride. I was cheated of my money and just so overwhelmed.

First two days, I was a mess. I won't pretend things fell right into place immediately, because it didn't. I hated it here. I loathed the country, the people, the accommodation. I was homesick and just so disappointed. I guess I had somewhat ambiguous but high expectations.

ANYWAY, six days on and I feel fantastic. I've settled in and I'm enjoying the experience. I've adapted to the culture and it's wonderful to meet people from all over the world - Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Cameroon, Romaniaaaaa. I love hearing stories about their lifestyles.

I'm glad I've stuck it through.

HAHA so last night I went out to a Romanian retro night club for a friend's birthday. Never mind that I've been desperately trying to become accustomed to drinking beer and got pretty drunk from trying to get it over and done with by skulling - I was chased around by the Romanian men there. At the bar, one particular guy said 'hello' to me but I ignored him - attempt #1. Later, he proceeded to ask me if I wanted to dance (attempt #2) and after rejecting him, he grabbed me by the hand and tried to pull me with him (attempt #3). That didn't work, so while I was dancing with my friends, he came over and tried to attack me from behind (attempt #4). There was a lot of screaming on my part and running away to hide behind my friends. About fifteen minutes later, this lovely gentleman came over again with a straw in his hand and presented to me as though it was a beautiful rose (attempt #5). That didn't work, so he finally resorted to literally picking me up and spinning me around for about two minutes. I WAS SO MOTHER F-ING DIZZY AND TERRIFIED.

Six attempts. Romanian guys sure have a lot of persistence. It was like a game to them!

Haha please don't be alarmed by my story. The whole country isn't like that...probably.

P.S. As soon as we walked into the club, my favourite song started playing. SAVE TONIGHT. Fate or what.


My room window at every possible angle haha.

My friend's room - I'm not that tidy and domesticated.

MY FAVOURITE PART OF THE GALATI - the city centre. How beautiful is this vintage architecture?

Near my dorm

Public park


kath-thy 7/9/10, 4:48 PM  

Romania looks like such a beautiful place .. but please come back soon :)
haha at the persistent Romanian men. I can definitely picture you running away. OMG at him picking you up (literally) that must have been terrifying.

Anonymous,  7/11/10, 8:52 AM  

Hey Kim

hope ur well - glad to hear u stuck it through and think its okay now!!!
ps it looks like a beautiful country. I can't believe we didnt see much of each other before u left - please stay safe and we'll catch up when u get back


emmy 7/11/10, 9:26 PM  

Kimberly, update please!! :) I'm sure you've had an eventful week hehe mine was boring. But I will update my blog too.

i could start with my name 7/13/10, 6:28 AM  

@Kathy LOVERS YOU. I definitely missed clubbing without you - it's just not the same. Nobody to hand me their purse while they dance-battled some random guy :p

@Jess Romania IS beautiful! Call me when I get home!

@Em Done.

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