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>> 2.5.11

Had my graduation ceremony on Friday. HOW ANTI-CLIMATIC.

I had envisioned a montage of nostalgic moments, me crying tears of happiness, inspired and touched by the proceedings and an incredibly wistful soundtrack in the background. Just like a 90s high-school/college movie. Lord, what I got was nothing like that.

It was 'meh', for lack of better words. Our guest speaker was a film director/photographer, and I feel as though he tried really hard to underline the importance and underrated-ness of the arts industry.  To reassure us that we haven't spent the last few years of our lives for shit-all. Futile. He did, however, say something somewhat sentimental and inspiring. Let me paraphase: 'Live a life out of love and beauty. Because at the end of the day, nothing else will matter'.

I guess, in lieu of the more 'serious' degrees like Business, Law and what not - I can imagine our speeches being more lalallalalalala life is so beautiful, creativity is awesome, let's hug! But I don't mind, because I love that shit.

Anyway, my family is adorable.  Mum wanted to wear the gown:

Hello, it's me, standing outside a campus of my university that I have never been on in my entire life. Yet, sadly, I - like many others - had to graduate there this semester. I remember us driving, on our way to the ceremony, when we hit the Kuringai area and entered a curvy road surrounded by bushland on either sides. Mum: 'This isn't right. Something is wrong. We are not meant to be here. Why are we going into the forest to graduate?'

And, my beloved and amazingly talented uni buds.
I would also like to point out, how much of a sucker I was for the hype. I bought the bear, flowers, plaque, ugly photos - everything. Now they are all just lying in my room, unattended to.

Nonetheless, it was a good day. It means I managed to get by my degree without failing anything - even after all those times I didn't even bother to try to do assignments on time. Lucky. Officially the end of another chapter in my life. On to more exciting things now!

- Just wanted to also show you guys how proud I am of my friends who graduated in Communications with me, but in the Media Arts and Production major, and came up with this. Directed, written and produced entirely by people I've had the fortune of being friends with over these last few years. Can't wait for the screening!



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