Dear 16 Year Old Self

>> 27.11.11

Trust me, it gets much better than this.

It may feel like you have a lot going on right now and your entire world seems so packaged up - a box made up completely of high school, grades, popularity and boyfriends, but trust me - this is not the be-all of your life.

It gets scarier and much worse.

If you ever thought someone was ever 'the one' - you are wrong. Be patient.

The first love is going to be a heartbreak. But don't worry, you will find yourself to be VERY grateful for the split later down the track. You will also be grateful for many other splits. Just saying.

Be nice to everyone you know. Spitefulness will not get you anywhere.

People can be mean when they're young, but don't worry, it's all teen angst. 

I can tell you that years from now, you'll accomplish things you never thought you had it within you to do. Stick through it and you will be proud.

Don't wish to grow up so much because it will come and hit you in the face. Enjoy your teenage years; enjoy being irresponsible and reckless, for adulthood isn't a place that will openly welcome that.

You'll be lost for a while, but fear not, you will be okay again. Whatever you do, remember to do it with a shred of dignity. Respect yourself. When the tough times come, your soul will ache and you will want to die...but you will resurface. You will grow up and reflect upon it as a life learning experience. It will shape you and only for the better.

The rebellious years do pay off. Things come easier years on from now. Sometimes you will have to keep fighting, but it's worth it. Don't let anyone try to talk you into a life that is any different than what you want or envisioned.

Sun-In is NOT good for your hair. You're going to regret it, regardless of how tempting and easy it looks. Your hair is going to break.

Don't wear too much make-up. You look like a hoe.

Stop being materialistic. 

Wikipedia has all the answers. Life and everything encompassing life.


21 Year Old Self


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