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I received a futureme.org letter from myself on the eve of 1 Jan 2011 this morning.

To summarise: In 2010, I worked a lot, photographed a lot, studied a lot for advertising, challenged myself a lot by going overseas, grew a lot from those experiences, loved a lot, let go a lot of insecurities and got over some distant memories.

But then:

In 2011, I worked a fucking lot, photographed barely, didn't study at all, challenged myself without going overseas, grew a lot anyway (yes in the I got fatter sense too), loved a lot, lost some more and then gained back twice as many insecurities and am in the process of getting over some expectations.

I can't tell if I actually progressed or regressed...?

Anyway, I've been in a blissful cocoon of holiday mode over the last week and a half away from work. It's been so good to just slob around and feel 'bored'. Since working, it was all, 'what is this feeling of boredom that you speak of?'. There is no such thing as free time with a 50-60 hour a week job.

Holidays have just meant that I have really let myself go and I love it. I've been showering every few days as opposed to daily. It also means that I'm too bad ass to shave my legs, yet still continue going out in shorts and dresses. I actually just lie to myself and say it's okay, because I'm just going grocery shopping and won't see anyone important. And then I force myself to accept the universal fact of life that in such circumstances, you will ALWAYS run into someone you know.

I have some photos from a photoshoot I did with Maria weeks back, as well as some snaps I took today from my brother's engagement (!!!!!!). But you don't understand how unbelievably exhausted I am.



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